Engine Rebuilt & Repair

Engine Rebuild & Repair

Taking care of your engine greatly increases the longevity of your vehicle. Once in a while, every vehicle requires inspection and engine repair service, even if you have not noticed a significant problem. Through our hi-tech diagnostic tools combined with the experience and knowledge of our technicians, we quickly get to the source of any engine repair issue. Our strength is the inclusion of fully trained and licensed heavy duty mechanics on staff to assist customers in all aspects of the engine rebuilding and repair processes. Our professional staff specializes in engine rebuild and repair and deal with all brands including Cummins, Volvo, DD15, DD13, Detroit 60 series, CAT, and Mercedes.

We are equipped to handle your engine rebuild from top to bottom. We offer complete engine assembly and rebuild services for a wide range of engines at very affordable prices.

When your diesel engine needs repair, come to us. Our licensed mechanics can take a look at your engine, make necessary repairs, and get you back on the route to success. From the smallest details to complete rebuilds, our team of experts are well trained to make sure that all your needs are taken care of, without causing any hassle to you.

We genuinely understand how important it is for your truck to be on the road in its absolute operational capacity. Your mind can be at peace knowing that the leading engine rebuild and repair service is taking care of your needs.