Ever since the introduction of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs), we have been at the forefront of DPF cleaning technology. We rank amongst the very few service providers in the Greater Toronto Area that are authorized FSX dealers and provide DPF cleaning for vehicles and repair shops.

Being the experts of our industry, we understand that DPFs require regular maintenance and must be routinely cleaned, in order to remove ash. A timely cleaning of DPF filters can guarantee efficiency and could save you time and money, in finding parts for replacement. While, the so-called experts just blow air into the filter and then call it “clean”, we inspect, clean, test and return the filters in the best possible condition.

Our DPF Cleaning Service beats everything else in the market! We go far beyond what a typical DPF cleaning service offers; we remove ash, soot and contaminants that hinder your vehicles performance. We guarantee removal of up to 98% of soot and ash that are affecting the performance of your vehicle.

Let us handle your many headaches. You can turn to us for our renowned diesel engine inspections, vehicle emission testing and DPF cleaning services.